World Book Day

Every year, on the 6th of March school halls are filled with students dressed in a variety of costumes.

But can you really call them costumes? Half of the girls simply turn up in their pyjamas having not bothered to brush their hair stating “what? Its the sleepover club”

This year our house went as a cook book, every girl was an item of food. And I? I was an ice cream. It was awful.

We were going to go as our housemasters ‘minions’ from Despicable Me but…

thats not a book.

Oh well there’s always next year…


The sun is out….

The sun is out.
Therefore it is summer.

Valentines Day

Not going to lie I’m most likely going to spend this Valentines day watching Frozen and making Hummingbird cupcakes. But is there anything really wrong with that?

I mean, today could just be an ordinary Friday. But no! I will be reminded throughout the day how alone I am… Not even a card from my mother.

However, I claim to be Vday-atheist at the moment but shamefacedly I will admit that when I find someone I will be all over them like a rash on this fateful day. With any luck I will be able to preserve some dignity and avoid public manifesting. But nothing of that sort can be confirmed.

Having missed out on my New Years kiss this really is the lonely cherry on top of a wilting, solitary cake.

Oh well, Valentines Day 2015 anyone?

House Shout

The school board have somehow decided that the first weekend back after the Christmas holidays must be filled with stress, panic and frustration. Oh yes. This is house shout. Where the older girls try to coax the younger ones into dancing and singing a song in front of the entire school… FUN!! While that talentless bunch try to sing in tune everybody else has to panic about rehearsal times. What a great way to start 2014.

“2013… the year…

“2013… the year of the twerk”


Basically a smaller, more intimate and WAY more awkward social…

Houses are paired up with another house in an all boys school and are then forced to have a sit down supper twice a term.

This would be fine… if it weren’t for the long, painful gaps in conversations, which, often in an attempt to salvage some of the life that seems to have died as soon as the evening began, the conversation switches to GCSE’s

Last twinning my friend was asked four times what GCSE’s she was doing

Slowly more and more people manage to escape and head back to house ready to watch Made In Chelsea whilst eating Nutella in their dorm

If I have a sal…

If I have a salad for lunch is it okay for me to have three puddings?-M

No… it’s not.


Sunday. The perfect excuse to slob out in front of the TV with a bar of chocolate.

Sunday is clearly the hibernation day of the week, it’s the day when all girls turn up to brunch in their Onezies and Ugg boots, no matter how “out” they are

Brushing hair? never, since the messy bun reared its ugly head girls will bypass brushing their hair by clumsily piling it up on top of their head whilst saying “what? it’s a messy bun?”

This gets me wondering… if humanity had all provided for it, is this what we would become?

Missing Sport

As Wednesday period 5 approaches, students start to suffer from all sorts of casualties; may it be exhaustion to a swollen toe.

You name it, it’s been used.

As the girls line up in front of matron with their various excuses she’ll sigh and smile and prescribe strepsils.

I once walked in on my friend rubbing her pencil on her eyes…

she merely smiled knowingly and said “you have to look like you’ve just risen from the dead to be able to pass for exhaustion”